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About Company


We are a company with an over 20-year tradition. The company was founded in 1995 in Nietążkowo (Poland) by Sławomir and Joanna Kowalski. In 2004 the Kowalski family acquired land with an access to the railway siding in Wschowa. In 2013 a new site in Buk was established. The primary scope of our company's activities includes trade and processing of steel and colour metal scrap. We also deal with recycling of secondary raw materials, particularly waste paper, foils and hard plastics (HDPE, PET, ABS and other). We use specialised equipment for recycling, processing, loading and transport activities:

- chippers for processing secondary raw materials

  • press-shears

  • an automatic baler with the efficiency of 10 t/h

  • a sorting plant

  • scrap handling excavators

  • telehandlers up to 12m height

  • hookloaders of 1–24t capacity

  • trucks of 24t capacity

  • transporting containers of 7–35 m3 capacity

  • and an own railway siding in Wschowa.

Professionalism and reliability of our services have resulted in business expansion and gaining additional experience in trade on Asian (China, Korea, Pakistan, India) and West-European markets. Timely fulfilment of contracts and payments has consolidated our recognition as a solid business partner, which is a great advantage in terms of our future growth.

Sławomir Kowalski

Po godzinach

Kowal Extreme off-road Piłka halowa Motocross Pogoń Śmigiel UKS Śmigiel Grom Czacz UKS Nietążkowo
Firma Kowalski Sławomir Kowalski 64-030 Śmigiel, NIETĄŻKOWO ul. Arciszewskich 22 tel/fax 65 518 96 22
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